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Real Estate

Homes, Investments, Developments

We deliver results for Landlords, Property Managers, Owners, and Developers. Our real estate clients seek sound advice, diligent counsel, and strong advocatesto resolve disputes. We value trust, communication, and results.

Real Estate Attorneys Protect You and Create Opportunities

Without a real estate attorney by your side, you might not fully realize the unique advantages as well as challenges of Hawaii’s real estate market and industry. At DeVries & Associates, we work closely with our clients, building sustainable, practical strategies for their real estate and property management ventures. Learn more about our collaborative approach to Hawaii real estate law.

Hawaii Is an Appealing and Complex Real Estate Market

Hawaii’s real estate market is bustling. Because our real estate is enticing to many mainland and international investors, transactions can quickly become complex. If you’re going to enter Hawaii’s real estate market you need an experienced real estate attorney by your side. Otherwise, you might make expensive mistakes.

At DeVries & Associates, we recognize the greater value of Hawaii’s real estate industry — it provides our communities with jobs, housing, and the potential for economic growth. Our goal is to help you build a strategic plan that protects your interests and offers clear guidance to your business partners or tenants, as well as complies with all relevant real estate and zoning laws. Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing, DeVries & Associates can help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities.

  • Buy / Sell Transactions
  • Conveyance Documents
  • Covenants and title matters
  • Real estate-backed lending
  • 1031-exchanges
  • Easement disputes
  • Transaction disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Seller’s Disclosure disputes
  • Ownership and title disputes
  • Quiet Title
  • Drafting Conditions,
    Covenants & Restrictions (CC&Rs)
  • Construction & Mechanics Liens
  • Development (Commerical & Residential)
  • Landlord Representation

A Proactive Approach to Hawaiian Real Estate Law

A little advanced preparation and planning can significantly decrease your risk of litigation and disputes later on. A strategic plan helps you identify potential issues before they arise, create policies that minimize these risks, and articulate them clearly to prospective tenants, buyers, and business colleagues. This can include contract negotiation, document reviews, and legal compliance assessments.

To do this, real estate attorneys at DeVries & Associates will start by listening to your questions and concerns. We can solve any problem, but we have to clearly understand your long- and short-term goals. Once we’ve identified your goals and the broader impacts of the situation, we will carefully craft legal solutions that are based on research, experience, and thorough document reviews. We strive to educate our clients, empowering them to make the best possible decisions. When litigation is necessary, we vigorously represent our clients’ interests.

We Offer Comprehensive Real Estate Services

Whether you are dealing with residential or commercial real estate, our diverse team of real estate attorneys and professionals is ready to help. We offer a wide variety of services to buyers, sellers, real estate companies, and property management firms. They include the following:

  • Acquisitions and sales of properties
  • Assisting landlords with evictions
  • Drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and modifying documents, including the following:
    • Quitclaim, warranty, apartment, timeshare, trust, and other deeds
    • Purchase contracts
    • Mortgage and promissory note documents
    • Encroachment agreements
    • Liens and lien releases
    • Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&Rs)
    • Homeowners’ Association bylaws
    • Construction contracts
    • Rental agreements
  • Due diligence assessments
  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and municipal laws
  • Enforcing contracts and defending our clients against breach of contract claims
  • Resolving real estate disputes involving easements, CC&Rs, and sellers’ disclosures
  • Seeking zoning and land use variances
  • Tax implications of a real estate transaction

We understand that real estate is an important investment — and we will work with you to protect your interests.

If you’re buying, selling, or operating a real estate business in Hawaii, contact us for a more detailed discussion of our services. Based on your specific needs, we can guide you to the correct real estate attorney at DeVries & Associates.

We Understand Our Communities

If you’re investing in Hawaiian real estate, a lot is at stake. You’re making a significant investment — and it can be difficult to understand the true value of a property. When you retain a real estate attorney at DeVries & Associates, you benefit from our unique Community Index Score system. We carefully look at the tangible as well as intangible elements involved in your prospective investments and help you make educated, practical decisions.

Consult With a Hawaii Real Estate Attorney Today

A Hawaii real estate attorney at DeVries & Associates can help you protect your interests during a real estate transaction. Whether you need help with the sale, rental, partition, or management of a property, our team of diverse and experienced real estate professionals is ready to help. To schedule a no-risk consultation, contact us online or by calling one of our offices.

i. Deeds: Quitclaim, warranty, correction, trust, apartment, timeshare, transfer on death
ii. Purchase Contract
iii. Mortgage & Promissory Note
iv. Encroachment Agreement
v. Lien / Lien Release
vi. Conditions, Covenants, & Restrictions (CC&Rs)
vii. Bylaws (for HOA)
viii. Amendments to existing documents
ix. Construction contract
x. Rental agreements
xi. Zoning and Land Use

Real Estate ADVOCACY
i. Eviction / Summary Possession (for Landlords only)
ii. Quiet Title
iii. Partition
iv. Easement Dispute
v. Encroachment Dispute
vi. View Plane Dispute
vii. CC&R Enforcement
viii. Sellers’ Disclosure Dispute
ix. Construction Dispute:  Breach of contract, defective construction
x. Real Estate Agent Breach of Fiduciary Duties
xi. Represent Buyer

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