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Why Legal Counsel Matters to Your Association

Govern at Your Best

We stand firmly in our commitment to help communities prosper. That means that we don’t over-bill homeowners and create impossible financial hurdles for them to regain compliancy. We believe that good community governance starts with common sense, practical analysis, and strategies that foster trust, communication, and results. Our clients serve the interests of the entire association and we are here to support and advocate for them.

Add certainty to decision-making.

Our expert legal team provides accessible analyses and helps you avoid pitfalls.

Gain the recognition that you deserve.

Communities thrive on decisions and we help you move your community forward for the benefit of all owners.

Consider all angles.

There are numerous sources of law, regulations, and guidance. Our experienced team will navigate these and analyze every aspect of an issue.

Collaborate with fellow directors.

Meetings are more productive when everyone has good information. We help directors get up to speed so that they can talk meaningfully with each other about community issues.

Expand your knowledge and understanding of the law.

Our team is here to help you get the answers you need. We love to share our knowledge of community associations and the legal system.

Give your best to your community.

You have goals and aspirations for your community. We want to help you make those a reality.

“10 Mistakes Made by Directors”

Some of the most common mistakes have HUGE implications. Lack of communication breeds distrust and trying to become an expert in everything slows down your board. Are you guilty of carrying on a meeting for too long? This book aims to help you identify issues that will improve your board’s leadership in the community and even it’s financial performance.

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About the Author

J. Porter DeVries, Esq. is the founder and president of DeVries & Associates AAL PC. He is a former Wall Street attorney and legal advisor at the United Nations. His passion is helping the micro-governments of condo and homeowner associations improve the quality and spirit of Hawaii’s communities. Porter is a serial planner and he is on a mission to help board’s plan for their communities’ success, so that volunteer directors can use their time and energy most effectively.

Practice Areas

We have solutions for any issue that an association might face

  • Compliance (Federal, State, County)​
  • Enforcement of Governing Documents
  • Amendment of Governing Documents
  • Rule-Making
  • Collections
  • Litigation
  • Construction
  • Contracts
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution​​
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • External Communications
  • Insurance Claim Negotiation
  • Elections & Recall Elections
  • Regular & Special Meetings

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