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We help condo + HOA buyers buy with confidence

  • We analyze your documents.
  • We advise to avoid legal issues.
  • Plus, get our Community Index Score!©
  • Know what you’re buying. Buy with confidence.
How can PropertyCounsel+ help you?

How can PropertyCounsel+ help you?

You want to know exactly what you’re buying with your Hawaii investment. Issues like mold, zoning, encroachments, and native rights can be addressed by your realtor. Other legal matters require an expert team working on your side to protect your interests. We provide insight and guidance to help you avoid the common legal issues that we commonly see in lawsuits. Utilizing our expertise in Condo + HOA law, we offer a comprehensive analysis of the community association so you know how well the association is run. In some cases, this can be leverage for negotiating a better price!

  • Legal Due Diligence. We uncover clouds and secrets that could adversely affect a property’s value.
  • Opinions + Recommendations.  We provide timely reports for each phase of the purchase so buyers can meet deadlines confidently.
  • Community Index Score©.  We analyze the tangible and intangible aspects of the association so buyers get the full picture.

Why PropertyCounsel+?

Complete the Team. Our expert lawyers and paralegals complete the team by uncovering risks, advising on negotiations, and researching critical aspects of title, warranties, and zoning. Real estate professionals are excellent assets in the home-buying process. With access to excellent properties and a wealth of knowledge about neighborhoods, climate zones, and market statistics, you are in great hands with a licensed real estate broker or salesperson. We work with top brokers and salespeople to provide our clients with an exceptional buying experience.

Reduce Risk. Get to closing on time or cut bait and run within the right deadline. Each deadline in the purchase contract comes with the review and analysis of important documents. Our legal team reviews all of them and provides thorough reports that buyers can use to make informed decisions.

Know Your Community. Our legal team works with some of the most proactive community association boards so we know what it takes to run a prosperous association. During the association document review period, we analyze the documents to provide a clear picture of how the community functions. Our report includes the Community Index Score© which evaluates the association’s general welfare based upon 10 essential factors.

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