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Honolulu HI Real Estate Attorney

Creating Opportunities and Building Strategies

Honolulu Real Estate Attorney, Business Litigation LawyerA Honolulu HI real estate attorney can help you protect your assets and navigate the challenges of the real estate market. For those who have major investments in real estate, transactions can be complex. At DeVries & Associates, we can help you navigate some of the challenges of operating in this particular market. We will also work closely with you to build sustainable and practical strategies that pay long-term dividends.

Helping You Navigate a Lucrative But Complex Real Estate Market

Hawaii remains one of the most lucrative property markets in the country. But it’s also one of the most competitive. An experienced Honolulu HI real estate attorney can help you steer clear of expensive mistakes.

At DeVries & Associates, we understand the greater economic impact that real estate investment has for Hawaii at large. Real estate investment provides jobs for the local community, housing, vacation rentals, and gives business owners a place to set up shop. This allows the community to grow economically, and you alongside them. We can help you develop a strategy not only protects your interests, but also ensures that you comply with Hawaii’s real estate and zoning laws. Our collaborative strategy can also provide guidance to your tenants and business partners.

We Offer a Proactive Approach to Real Estate Law

Honolulu Real Estate Lawyer, Business Litigation Lawyer Honolulu

A proactive strategy can significantly reduce your risk of facing litigation and disputes in the future. As experienced Honolulu HI real estate attorneys, we help our clients develop a strategic plan that minimizes such risks.

This entails: identifying potential issues before they arise, drafting policies that minimize these risks, and articulating policies clearly to tenants and partners. It also includes contract negotiation, lease and document review, and zoning compliance assessment.

Foremost, however, the real estate attorneys at DeVries & Associates will take time to understand your long and short-term goals. We will craft legal solutions that ensure their long-term sustainability. We strive to help our clients understand their rights and responsibilities, so that they have the knowledge needed to make good decisions. And if litigation becomes necessary, we will fight for our clients’ interests.

Comprehensive Real Estate Services

At DeVries & Associates, we aren’t just trial attorneys. We do offer those services, but we hope you never need them. Our goal is to help you avoid the expense of litigation by assuring that all your ducks are in a row once your business strategy has been executed.

We can aid both commercial and residential real estate investors. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Acquiring and selling both commercial and residential properties
  • Assisting landlords with the process of eviction
  • Due diligence assessments
  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws
  • Enforcing contracts and defending clients against contract disputes
  • Resolving real estate disputes including CC&Rs, seller’s disclosures, and easements
  • Seeking zoning and land use variances
  • Predicting tax implications of a real estate transaction

We can also help you with the process of drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and modifying all documents related to the sale, purchase, rental, construction, or mortgage of a property.

We Understand Our Hawaiian Communities

At DeVries & Associates, we know that investing in real estate in Hawaii means that a lot is at stake. This is a big investment, and it can be hard to be sure of a property’s true value. Our Honolulu HI real estate attorneys understand the real estate landscape and have helped investors realize their goals for decades. Our unique Community Index Score System can help you evaluate the real value of property that you’re targeting. This entails considering not only the tangible but also the intangible elements involved in a property transaction.

Honolulu HI Business Litigation Lawyer

Protecting Your Assets

Honolulu Business Litigation LawyerOur Honolulu HI business litigation lawyers can protect your business interests. As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of having a team of experts on your side to protect your business from frivolous lawsuits or heavy-handed jury verdicts.

We work with a team of diverse, skilled professionals to devise a sustainable and profitable strategy for their businesses. However, there’s no way to ensure that you will never face disputes and lawsuits. That’s when you’ll need a skilled litigation attorney to protect your interests.

At DeVries & Associates, we pride ourselves in laying down a solid legal foundation for our clients. But landlords inevitably get sued. We can make it make it much more difficult, but there’s no sure-fire way to protect every landlord in every situation. That’s when you’ll need a Honolulu HI business litigation lawyer who can help resolve the dispute quickly and fairly.

Building a Leading Edge Hawaii Together

Hawaii offers an of business opportunities. We can help both entrepreneurs and professionals build diverse businesses in the tourist, imports, and leading edge sectors. We assist businesses with legal and regulatory compliance ensuring all their bases are covered when it comes lawsuits that may be filed against them. In addition, we protect them from regulatory statutes that could result in serious fines.

You Need an Attorney Who Values Your Success and Stability

Honolulu HI Real Estate Attorney, Honolulu  Business Litigation LawyerMany litigation attorneys make their fortune on disputes. There’s a market for litigating disputes, and they want to carve out their piece of the pie. At DeVries & Associates, however, we know that negative press can hurt an otherwise thriving business. You need a Honolulu HI business litigation lawyer who understands that the community is better when its economy is thriving.

It happens too often that business owners put off hiring a skilled litigation attorney until serious damage has been done. They then become forced to fight an uphill battle as their lawyers attempt to do damage control.

When you work with us, we will assess the circumstances of your dispute, as well as identify what legal rights and defenses are available to you. If necessary, we will negotiate with the injured party for a fair resolution. Our team is committed to advocating tirelessly on your behalf.

Claims We Handle at DeVries & Associates

We handle almost every claim related to business litigation. The majority of our claims involve the following:

  • Antitrust and competition
  • Breach of contract / contract enforcement
  • Business torts / personal injury
  • Collections
  • Corporate governance
  • Fiduciary and shareholder issues
  • Lease and commercial real estate disputes
  • Partnership and LLC agreements
  • Dissociation of business partners
  • Dissolution of businesses
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation
  • Regulatory compliance and enforcement

Our Honolulu HI business litigation lawyers will develop a plan that is tailored to your goals and needs. This includes providing services for the full process of litigation. Going over documents and contracts, intensively researching the appropriate laws and legal precedents, negotiating a settlement, managing discovery, preparing for trial, and executing a defense. It can also mean going through arbitration or mediation if that makes more sense.

When disputes arise, we assess your unique needs and goals. We can deliver customized solutions and strategies that protect your interests. In addition, we will our clients understand the risks and benefits of each of their options.

Schedule a Consultation With a Honolulu HI Real Estate Attorney or Business Litigation Lawyer

At DeVries & Associates, we will help you protect your interests in both real estate and business transactions. Whether you need a Honolulu HI real estate attorney or business litigation lawyer, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We customize our solutions to your individual goals and interests. This is why we stand apart from other firms. To schedule a consultation, contact us online or call one of our offices.

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