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Hawaii Commercial Real Estate Attorney

commercial real estate attorney, HawaiiAs a commercial real estate developer or investor, you’ve put a lot of time and money into your projects. You need a commercial real estate attorney who understands the importance of your work and supports your long and short-term goals. At DeVries & Associates, we’re committed to serving the commercial real estate community in Hawaii. Learn more about our personalized approach to real estate law as well as our client experience below.

Real Estate Development Benefits All of Hawaii

Commercial real estate projects can positively impact a community in many ways. While our goal is always protecting our clients’ financial interests, we also celebrate their contributions to Hawaii. Your projects house Hawaii’s businesses and services, create jobs in communities and make our state a thriving and beautiful place. We’re proud to help our clients.

Hawaiian Real Estate Developers and Property Managers Face Unique Challenges

Hawaii is a popular location for real estate development and attracts investors, developers, and contractors from all over the world. However, Hawaiian real estate laws are complicated. Without skilled representation from a commercial real estate attorney, it’s easy to make costly mistakes that delay projects, increase overhead, and damage your reputation.

Commercial real estate law covers a wide variety of issues, from landlord-tenant disputes to complex real estate transactions. We work with developers, investors, contractors, construction companies, and other entities that are vital to a real estate developments success. And we help them understand their rights and obligations under Hawaii’s complex laws and regulations.

At DeVries & Associates, we assist our commercial clients with their comprehensive real estate needs, including issues dealing with the following:

  • Acquisition of properties and commercial real estate financing
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts with both sub-contractors and tenants
  • Enforcing contracts when a breach occurs
  • Landlord/tenant disputes about leases, building maintenance, and other matters
  • Land use and zoning compliance
  • Obtaining permits for construction and development

We understand that your specific needs might vary, depending on the type of commercial real estate involved. For example, a condominium development might have very different requirements and challenges than the construction of a healthcare facility or warehouse.

Your project’s location might also impact the laws and regulations involved. Hawaii has both statewide and local real estate laws concerning land use, zoning, environmental protection, and other issues. When you work with a commercial real estate attorney at DeVries & Associates, we’ll help you understand the impact of both state and local laws. We’ll also help you build a customized plan that helps you comply with their requirements and seek variances when necessary. We have extensive experience with both the Hawaii Land Use Commission and local government agencies.

Customized Solutions for Your Commercial Real Estate Projects

commercial real estate attorney, HawaiiAt DeVries & Associates, we help our clients build strong systems and policies that protect their commercial real estate projects. We know that well-written, enforceable contracts, compliance with zoning and land use rules, and appropriate financing are vital to your success. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, efficiency, and practical advice.

When you work with a commercial real estate attorney at our office, we’ll start off by getting to know you and your project. We’ll ask you about your goals, your concerns, and your identified needs. Next, we’ll help you construct a plan that aims at streamlining your project and protecting your investments. Depending on your unique needs, this might include the following:

  • Anticipating potential disputes and attempting to minimize them through enforceable contracts, easements, and other agreements
  • Ensuring your compliance with state, federal, and local laws
  • Negotiating contracts with real estate owners, contractors, and tenants
  • Resolving disputes concerning the property
  • Reviewing your contracts, leases, and other documents
  • Studying the property’s title and other documents for evidence of liens, easements, or other issues that might impact its development

Because we value long-term relationships with our clients, we work hard to ensure their success and profitability. To learn more about our personalized approach, schedule an appointment with a commercial real estate attorney at DeVries & Associates.

However, sometimes disputes are inevitable. In these cases, our team of experienced commercial real estate litigators can step in. Sometimes, we can help you resolve your disagreement both efficiently and privately through alternative dispute resolution. Other times, a trial is your best option. We’ll help you understand your options, build a litigation plan, and advocate on your behalf.

Request a Consultation With a Commercial Real Estate Attorney

If you’d like to learn more about Hawaii’s commercial real estate law and how it impacts your projects, request a consultation with a commercial real estate attorney at DeVries & Associates today. Our skilled team focuses on real estate and business law matters. We understand that your projects and investments not only benefit you but improve our state’s resources and economy. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals.

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