Buying Your Home: Ways We Can Help You Pick Out Red Flags

You are somebody who wants to purchase your first home but you want to make sure that you do it right so that you don’t have a bad first experience. Everyone wants to be sure of that dream home on the market, and come into the buying experience with a clean slate. At DeVries & [...]


What Landlords Should Know About Airbnb

The fact is that times are changing, and traditional relationships between landlords and tenants can be complicated with new technologies. If you are unfamiliar, the company Airbnb lets everyday people rent out their condos, houses, and apartments to others online for a short stay. This alternative to the otherwise monopolizing hotel industry has made it [...]


What Landlords Need to Know About Fair Housing Law

Landlord-tenant disputes are common, and even those landlords who try to ensure the best communication find themselves in sticky legal situations. One of the most common issues addressed in these disputes is a violation of fair housing law. Even in cases where landlords operate with good intentions, the framing of legal issues can be used [...]


Unexpected Home Repairs After Purchase: Who Pays?

It can be a very frustrating experience to finalize a sale on a new home and to suddenly realize that your newly purchased property needs some more work than anticipated. In a real estate transaction, it is the duty of the seller to notify any potential buyers of the current condition of the house. This [...]


Easement Law: Will I Have to Share My Property?

When you hear the term “easement,” you may automatically think of sharing property, and this may be something that immediately concerns you about your property or future property. There are many types of easements, many of which you won’t find out about until you have made your property purchase and brings you many concerns. Today [...]


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