Biggest Disputes Involving Landlords: And How We Can Help!

When it comes to disputes between landlords and tenants, one of the most positive things that can take place is communication. Sometimes taking notes and talking to a landlord through a meeting is all it takes to get on the same page about an issue. A tenant and a landlord don’t always have to agree, [...]


10 Mistakes Made By Directors of Condo + Homeowner Associations

Hundreds of successful directors have worked with DeVries & Associates since 2013 to improve their leadership and decision-making. This e-book reveals TEN of the most common mistakes made by directors and explains how fixing them can improve the morale, engagement, and even the financial position of the association. The firm is excited to introduce Counsel+, [...]


Communicating Effectively: Build Trust & Reduce Legal Risks

Communication is the root of most legal problems. Lack of communication, miscommunication, and incomplete communication spark controversy and light the fires of conspiracy. When owners feel like they don’t know what is going on, they start to imagine things like dark, smoke-filled rooms where the board is hashing out rubbish contracts and construction deals with [...]


3 Ways Your Lawyer Helps You Win

1. Knowledge of the Law Real estate law is exceedingly complex. Entering into a dispute without professional assistance puts you at a distinct disadvantage, as you most likely lack the legal acumen an attorney possesses. Working with a real estate lawyer will make you aware of legal avenues you may not have even known were [...]


Partition of Co-Owned Property

Whether they’re co-owning a property for rental income with a business partner, buying a home with a friend or family member, or simply wanting to split expenses with another person, people co-own real estate in Hawaii for many reasons. Unfortunately, those partnerships sometimes don’t work out. If you’re looking to terminate co-ownership of a property, [...]


Duties You Owe to Property Co-Owners

When two individuals own a piece of real estate together, they are acting like business partners. The real estate lawyers at Kailua Kona, HI, law firm DeVries & Associates PC encourage property co-owners to view each other in that regard, and in doing so, to show one another the same duty of care that business [...]


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