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Franchising Your Business

You have a small successful business and you just have that feeling that it could be replicated with equal success. One traditional means of doing this would be to open more company stores on your own, but doing so obviously would take lots of capital and time, and you can be stretched only so far [...]


Real Estate Investment Companies

How Do You Setup Real Estate Investment Companies? Creation depends on your tax, assets, liability and personal preferences. Our clients often inquire about creating real estate investment companies. Should they form a LLC to conduct all of their real estate business? Should they form different LLCs? Do they need a separate company at all? How do [...]


Leases – Reasonable Wear and Tear Excepted

Every commercial lease has a sentence that reads like this: “… at the end of the lease term, the Tenant must return the leased premises to the Landlord in the same condition as when the lease term began, normal wear and tear excepted.” Sounds pretty simple. But what about all of the improvements you made, like [...]


How to Be Prepared for a Business Lawsuit

The time to prepare for a business lawsuit is before you have been sued or need to sue someone. Keep in mind that most business litigators charge by the hour so to the extent you can present your documents to your lawyer in a thorough organized manner, the more cost effectively your business attorney can [...]


Mortgage Regulators Ease Standards

Ever since the housing market collapsed around 2007, many lenders (and borrowers) went into somewhat of a crisis-mode.  There has been a significant drop in refinanced loans, and home sales in the U.S., though rising gradually, are still lower than they have been in years past.  Lenders were reluctant to approve mortgages as borrowers were [...]


Email Contracts

With the proliferation of electronic communication in the business and legal worlds, state and federal governments have  to consider how to regulate the nature of contracts in this context.  In 2000, the U.S. Congress passed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SIGN).    Over time, all U.S. states instituted similar forms of electronic transactions statutes. [...]


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